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Laser focus to rectangle?

After assembling my new arrived Emblaser I am now stuck at the point 'Focusing the laser' step on page 18 of the user manual.
After turning the lens as requested my rectangle shape did not change at all. I assume this is not how it is supposed to be.
Does anyone have advice on the matter?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    Have you changed any of the switch setting from their default values?

    Can you verify the laser connector is fully inserted into the connector on the laser head pcb.

    thank you,
  • I haven't touched the dip-switches at all. So they are still 'as delivered'
    The connector looks correctly and fully inserted. (end switches work, fan works, laser activates)
    Is there any way (other than just looking at it) you would recommend to check this connector?
  • If you can confirm the you are unscrewing the lens to the point where it only has around 1.5 turns left before it comes out, to focus it?

    If so, it sounds like you have a faulty laser diode. This is very unusual since these diodes have inbuilt protection against esd damage.

    Please confirm the focus question above. We will then organise a replacement to be sent to you if needed.
  • After some twiddling with the lens I finally discovered the thread was contaminated so it wouldn't rotate far enough. After some cleaning/'help' of forcing the rotation I could now unscrew the lens completely. After some adjustments it was possible to get a good 'point'... So it looks my problem is solved! (maybe I was too careful in my attempts to not break this laser part)
    Thanks for the quick help! And my compliments on the kit. It was great fun just building it :-D
  • Ok, this is great news.
    We have been applying some thread-lock compound to prevent the lens ring from unscrewing itself but have found this causes more problems that it fixes. It sounds like you have some thread lock compound on your threads.

    Some isopropyl alcohol is good for removing this, but please be very careful with the lens if you do this. Especially the glass surfaces.
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