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Missing Parts

I just emailed info@darklylabs. In the process of putting the Emblaser together, we have found we are missing 2 parts:

EM-0014 Belt Retention Clip
EM-0024 Laser FFC Support Clip

We were very careful when in the process of unpacking and assembly. These pieces were not shipped with the kit. Please someone let me know how to get these parts so we can complete the assembly. Thanks!


  • Hi Cathrine,

    We apologise for this. We had a batch of kits go out with these two parts missing.

    We will replace them for you immediately.

    The Emblaser can still be assembled and used temporarily without these two parts. They will not affect any performance.

    We have been focusing a great deal on improving our quality control as kits are dispatched. Hopefully this occurrence will be greatly reduced in the coming shipments.

    thank you,
  • well, i broke belt retention clip and emblaser still running fine without it..
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    My kit arrived yeah! The grub screws to attach the motor pullys onto the stepper motors are very hard to spot....they are brown in color and are in with the M4 Screw Bag - at first I thought they were missing...
  • My parts were definitely missing. I am planning on posting pics of everything organized and laid out prior to build, then when I test it afterwards. I cannot wait to get the parts... I'm just going to wait until I can assemble it correctly, instead of having to take part of it apart again when the parts arrive. As a second note -- is the customs duty invoice I just received for $42.17 legit? I assume.. I just forgot about this fee I guess.
  • The two grub screws are in with the M4/M5/M6 bag. They are very small and easily overlooked.

    They are also listed on the packing list as item EM-0049. Note, we have revised this drawing in the packing list to better resemble the part.
  • Hi Cathrine,
    Sending you the set screws.

    There is a discussion going on about custom charges here:
  • Hi

    I seem to be missing the motor pulley set screws (EM-0049). Can you let me know what bag they should be in so I can double check.

  • HI Paul,

    They are very small and easily overlooked. We call them the chocolate coated ants here.

    They should have been in the M4-5-6 bag.

    Please let me know if you can't locate them and we will send you replacements.
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    When I was checking the 3D printed parts I found iut that one of the Plastic Belt Pullies is not printed properly as shown in the attacked picture links, would this part work properly without causing problems? 10.00.52.jpg?dl=0 10.00.29.jpg?dl=0 10.00.19.jpg?dl=0
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  • Ashim,
    We will send you a replacement for the badly printed pulley.

    You can probably use this pulley temporarily with the bearing in place until your new one arrives. I would recommend using it as one of the pulleys mounted to the chassis in the front of the machine. It will make it easier to replace later.

    Sorry for this inconvenience.

  • Hello,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I would like to mention something else.
    The number of M3 Flat nuts mentioned in the packing list is 24
    8 to be used for Chassis corner and chassis brackets.
    12 to attach side pannels.
    1 for the FFC support
    4 for the rubber feet/base plate.
    Total 25 M3 Flat nuts.
    This makes us 1 nut short to install the 4th rubber foot.
  • Hi Asim,

    The rubber feet should already have washers inserted into them.

    Can you please verify this is how your feet have arrived.

    thank you,
  • Hello,
    You are correct, they do have washers inserted into them but they will need 4X M3 Flat nuts and M3 Bolts to fix them to the Emblaser and all I have left is 3 M3 flat nuts.
  • I also had one M3 nut too few. I found it easier to go local store and buy one, the price is about 0.00.
  • Thank you Jyri...I'll try finding it locally
  • Asim,

    Sorry I originally misread your email and assumed you were missing a washer, not a nut.

    Please let me know if you have trouble sourcing it and we can send it off to you.

    You replacement pulleys have been sent.
  • Hi,

    I just wanted to let you know that I found the chocolate coated ants :)

  • The assembly instructions (v7.2) for the Gantry attachment to the Top Panel says to use the M4 bolts. However the Rail Brackets aren't designed for an M4 bolt. The M3's fit, but there aren't enough M3 washers and nuts to use them. Guess I'm off to Bunnings to buy the missing bits... I guess the Rail Brackets were designed later to take the M4's so I've got a Franken-kit with M4 bolts, but nothing to use them on. So far that's the only assembly issue I've had...
  • Hi Gavin,

    The rail brackets with the M3 holes were incorrectly supplied in some kits.

    We will send you replacements to take the M4 bolts.

    In the meantime you can use M3 bolts temporarily.

    Sorry for this inconvenience.

  • Thanks Domenic - appreciate the quick response. I assume you have all my details.
  • If they haven't changed from where we delivered your kit, then you are all set.
    Otherwise, message me directly with your updated details.
  • All good - nothing's changed. Cheers!
  • Is it possible to post a picture of the em-024 laser support clip. I believe this is the piece to be used at the bottom of page 12 assembly (v1.5). I am thinking it is missing but would like to be 100% sure. As I thought I was missing a part but misread the instructions for the front chassis bracket.
  • Please ignore last I found it. It is white not black lol.
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