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magnetic chalkboard base

edited June 2015 in Mods / R&D
One upgrade I made today was to change out the base plate for a magnetic chalkboard which I etched a grid onto. Now I can use rare earth magnets to set stock into the same position every time.


  • Excellent Idea! I suggest drilling 3 or 4 index holes in the corners. Insert at least 2 pins in the opposite corners. Make some templates with the index holes then cut the templates either with the Emblaser, another Laser like at a hacker space or conventionally. Magnets are a great way to hold material that flexes up. Using index pins and lasers means your error tolerance is within double your kerf. Assuming laser cut.
  • I like the idea ... but you probably don't even need to change out the base plate. Rare earth magnets should go straight through the aluminium, with just a steel plate underneath it (smaller than the distance between the feet so that it's flush up against the existing plate).
  • Will the magnets be lower than the bottom of the laser guard?
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