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HELP: Laser stops halfway through a job!

Hi there!

I've hit a snag, and wondering what's going on...

I'm lasering out a fairly big job - making a model railway shed, and I'm engraving all the brickwork, so there are a LOT of little lines. About 52,000 (ish) lines into the job, the laser just... stops.
The job is not paused, it just seems to be waiting for more instructions.
A couple of times this has happened while the laser itself is firing, and I've had to jump up VERY quickly to stop it from burning through or worse!

I'm wondering if this is some sort of memory limit, and if there's a workaround? I've tried breaking the job into multiple parts, but unless I power cycle the machine, it gets stuck around the same number of instructions every time.

Thanks in advance! :)
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