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Save all visible toolpaths in v8 Version?

edited February 2016 in Vectric
FIRST would like to thank the creators of emblaser his genius , this machine allows a world of research and opens the door to creative people , congratulations for this great machine. There are 2 problems in the 2 2d cut versions .

I explain:
The custom darklylabs version 1 , installed on a version of Windows 7 , can not select the box straight to machine output . can't work direct with vectric transfer... i need save .nc archive .... and open...etc...

and the version 8 installed on windows 7 , did not find the box to allow the exit of all visible toolpath .

Conclusions : We can not generate test tables with different parameters in an efficient way , because we have to save the toolpath 1-1 .( if i have 32 round vectors, i need save 32 times....)

The option to save all visible toolpaths not included so consciously in version 8 or an error ?

Thank you very much


  • edited February 2016
    In Version 8 of Cut2D create a separate layer for each of the different toolpaths. Name each one appropriately. Calculate the settings for each layer. When they're all done click the file icon to save .... you'll see an option at the top left to save/output all the layers as one file. This should also open Vtransfer and you'll be ready to go.

    The attached screenshot should help ....

  • Here's the screenshot for the above comment
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