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Absolute limits

Hi all

The A3 defaults are 410x287, I usually run mine at 410x280 to make maths easier on my old brain.
What are the absolute limits of the travel ?

i need to turn the amplifier up to 11 to fit a job on the deck.




  • Hi David,

    410x287 are pretty close to the maximum dimensions.

    If you need to get every single millimetre out of your workspace then you can move the laser head all the way to the bottom left, hard up against the chassis. Zero the workspace within UGS and then carefully jog the machine along the x and y axes until you hit the chassis at the other side.

    These will be your new x and y workspace numbers that you can enter into GRBL as the $n0 parameter.

    $n0=G10 L2 P1 X-414 Y-288 (example only)

    Please remember that if you run the machine very close to the chassis edged you can risk losing steps if the head collides with the extremities.
  • Ta

    I will give it a try and report back
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