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gcode problems on mac


Just got my emblaser yesterday and i am having problems with the universal gcode sender on my mac i get this message...

"Error opening connection( unkown application

Mac and Linux users, if this port is not in use please create a directory named "/var/lock" with the following commands

sudo mkdir /var/lock

sudo chmod 777/var/lock"

i have no idea what this mean can anybody help?



  • I'm not a mac power user, but the instructions are relatively straight-forward, if only missing a few points. You have to open a terminal in your mac. A quick google search shows me that you use Finder> Services> New Terminal at Folder. Your current location won't matter as the /var reference places it using "absolute" reference, not relative.

    You should get a text window in which to type the above commands. You also will likely get a prompt for the administrator password after the first command.

    Each command will return nothing if done correctly and there are no errors. When done, type exit to close the window or just use the standard mac method.

    That's my guess, based on limited time with a mac, a google search, and playing around with terminal windows in linux.

    Good luck
  • Joel,

    Fred is correct.

    Please let us know if you have trouble with this and we can help you further.
  • Thanks!!! It's working...i do have another problem now that i also need help with. The first foto was yesterday and the one with wobbly lines was today. How can i fix this?
    image.jpg 1.9M
    image.jpeg 1.7M
  • Nevermind fixed it!!! Thanks again
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