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Backerkit Extras

Just opened the box, and pushed aside all the foam and bubblewrap.
Getting ready for a challenge.
Looked at the accompanying invoice, which covered all the standard stuff, but not the backerkit extras. Are the optional components posted separately?
(Reservoir, Aus.)


  • Hi Andrew,

    Let me get our sales to look into this for you.

  • Thanks Domenic, That was quick.
    The backerkit extra was the 3 element glass lens that WAS in the box. My apologies, I thought the extra from backerkit may have been billed separately.

    I must say it all looks rather daunting, (assembly), is there a youtube vid that explains this further?
  • It does look daunting at first but if you read the whole manual a couple of times and familiarize yourself with all the parts referred to and how they all go together before you begin it'll be a lot easier.
  • Thanks Jared.
    Great support, (inc. emails).
    Fast replies.
    Looking forward to Darkly's further success!
  • I received my Emblaser yesterday and set up a table today for assembly. Spreading out all the components in their original packaging made it easy to complete the inventory checklist and become familiar with each item.

    I didn't read the manual a couple of times, only the step I was executing. I ran into zero problems during assembly.

    I dislike the misuse of the word "best" in today's media, news reports, etc, as in "one of the ten best" because "best" means ONE, not "one of...". Anyway, this is (for me) the best manual I have ever seen. There was very little uncertainty involved in the assembly. One minor error in that eight washers are included that are not used in the assembly diagram, but could be used without impact.

    Andrew, I think you should find that if you know which end of a screwdriver to hold, you will have little trouble with building the kit.

    More on topic, how does one know if the three element lens is installed on the laser I received yesterday? I tried to find my response to the survey so many moons ago, without success. After reading the update specific to the 3EG lens versus the alternative, I'm confident I would have selected the 3EG. Can I confirm this by examining the laser in some manner?


  • H Fred,

    Thank you for the great comments and feedback. We have the assembly manual pretty close to how we are happy. The user manual is being worked on and will be re-released once we have it to the same level.

    By default we only assemble the laser units with the 3EG lens.

    If you had ordered an extra or G2 lens, then this would have come separately in one of the parts bags.

    If you want to check more closely, you can unscrew the lens from the laser unit (careful not to lose the spring) and examine it. The G2 lens has a single glass lens that is shown in the pic below. It is generally a brass-gold color.


    Hope that helps,
  • Your reply is quite helpful. I'd rather not disassemble my laser at present. I expect that I have the 3EG based on your description.

    I'm yet working on a computer configuration to be dedicated to the Emblaser, so I've not embraced the user manual. With your forewarning, I won't be particularly critical of the manual, despite my pedantic nature.

    Is there a forum section for discussion of the documentation? It feels off-topic to have those discussions here. I'm slowly reading the entire forum, every message, but it's taking some time. I'm thrilled beyond comprehension (not really) that your forum supports RSS!
  • Like your approach Fred. I have had my Emblaser working for about three weeks. When I say working it has been running several hours most days and I love it. I also use a small laptop dedicated to the emblaser which makes it quite portable. Have Fun and if you follow the build manual you wont have a problem.


    Paradise Beach - Australia
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