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HO scale rowboat

This is cut from .015 in. (.7mm) laserboard, which is really called polybak. It's a polyester impregnated card sheet stock. It comes in 4' x 8' sheets and is used by cabinetmakers to bond to the back of veneers to make them stable. It's stiff and strong, takes glue and paint very well ... and is hard to come by. I found a cabinet makers wholesale supplier locally but they only carried a thicker stock, .020 in. I bought a full sheet (a darker brown colour) for $14. It's even stiffer and required more power and passes to cut through. It was a bit thick for this project. I bought a couple of 8" x 12" pieces of the thinner cream coloured material used for this project from Rusty Stumps.(google them) to try it out. I like it a lot. Another supplier of the material is RJ Automated. I just ordered a dozen 12" x 12" pieces online from him.

This little boat is done in HO scale - 1:87. I've got a few adjustments to make with a couple of the pieces. Then I'll introduce a little kit to the modelling community.

For settings I used 12 mm/sec - 75% power - 5 passes. It took 15 minutes to cut. Thin as it is, it's tough to get through.

PICT0121.JPG 1003.4K
PICT0128.JPG 1010.1K


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