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initial set up UGS,

I have just got my cool laser engraver all set up. I followed the directions, and got UGS to work once, I then proceeded to home the machine, and it went over to the stops then kept bumping them and got stuck. I turned the machine off to stop what it was doing. Now UGS will not load up again. I have downloaded everything again and went through and had to turn off the NAPI in Chrome, and it still doesn't work. This is incredibly frustrating. I'm not computer savy enough to figure this out........


  • John, just checking in to see whether you have resolved this problem?

    If it is still an issue, can I suggest you try using GRBL-Panel, which is an alternative to UGS for windows only.

    You can download it from our website here:
  • Hi Darkly Labs Team,
    The G-Code sender has stopped working similar to what the above user mentioned as well for me. I am getting the following issue (see attachment) when attempting to run the program. This has happened since I have reinstalled all of the mentioned programs. Prior to this, it had stopped working altogether and was not giving any windows opening. Can you please advise if you know how to correct this issue?

    Capture.PNG 69.6K
  • Hi Jamie,

    One of the common causes for this is when users try running UGS from a driver other than their c: drive.

    Could this be the case with you?
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