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Cardboard Cutting Settings?

I've been cutting cardboard at 400mm/min with either 2 or 3 passes(depending on thickness of cardboard).

When cutting detailed stuff this didn't work, the cuts close together started to catch fire(I cut the power before it got out of hand).

What are other people using for cardboard?


  • I've since found that using a single pass at slower speeds is giving me better results (less charing and still cutting through). The sweet spot for me seems to be around 200mm/min(3.33mm/sec).
  • Every cardboard I try needs different settings. I'm having the most luck with the tops of pizza boxes at 200mm/min single pass with 1.8 amps. Packing/Moving boxes sometimes need 2 passes at the same speed.

    Might have to start ordering more pizza... or upping to 2.1amp
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