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Tiny castle!


Its got a little stair case and an itty bitty trapdoor.


  • Its great ;). What is the material? How you design it?
  • Hi Denny,
    The material is 600gsm card, designed with lego before drawing up the vectors. Happy to post the files if you're interested.
  • I'd love to make myself a tiny castle!
  • Hi Chris, i think it will long search for gsm600 card here locally, but please share the file if you can, i think i will use cardboard for it :). Thanks
  • Sorry for the delay, tiny castle vectors can be found here.
    Click here to download
    This was my Emblaser test piece for building mini things.
    Material type isn’t critical but the splits and slots are designed for 1mm thick stock.
    The third file is the stonework which I just ran over the parts after they were cut out, feel free to mod the files to do the texture with the cut.
    Good luck!
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