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Workspace Home Y Axis Problem

Hi, pardon me if I'm asking a silly question but for some reason, I think my Y axis movement is slower than the X axis movement. This is apparent when my Emblaser goes to Workspace Home location which is not on the bottom left corner; only around 5 cm from the top border.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?


  • Hi Dipta,
    Can you please enter the following command in UGS:

    This will return all the GRBL configuration values of your machine.

    You can then compare them to the default values here:

    Please let us know if there are any discrepancies.

    Also, I am not sure what you mean by the home position being 5cm from the top corner. Is this where your machine stops when you send it to 0,0?
  • I'm currently out of town until next week so I can't give you the GRBL configuration values. But I think I did run the configuration file on my Emblaser,
    Regarding the home position being 5 cm from the top corner, yes, the machine moves very slowly on the y axis so when i send it to 0,0 on the workspace home the laser positions itself on that location.(see picture attached)emblaser
  • Let me know when you are back and have run checked the GRBL values. This will be the first place to check.
  • Hello,
    I'm back in town and here's my GRBL values:

    $0=10 (step pulse, usec)
    $1=25 (step idle delay, msec)
    $2=0 (step port invert mask:00000000)
    $3=2 (dir port invert mask:00000010)
    $4=0 (step enable invert, bool)
    $5=0 (limit pins invert, bool)
    $6=0 (probe pin invert, bool)
    $10=3 (status report mask:00000011)
    $11=0.010 (junction deviation, mm)
    $12=0.002 (arc tolerance, mm)
    $13=0 (report inches, bool)
    $14=1 (auto start, bool)
    $20=0 (soft limits, bool)
    $21=0 (hard limits, bool)
    $22=1 (homing cycle, bool)
    $23=0 (homing dir invert mask:00000000)
    $24=25.000 (homing feed, mm/min)
    $25=2000.000 (homing seek, mm/min)
    $26=250 (homing debounce, msec)
    $27=1.000 (homing pull-off, mm)
    $100=200.000 (x, step/mm)
    $101=50.000 (y, step/mm)
    $102=50.000 (z, step/mm)
    $110=8000.000 (x max rate, mm/min)
    $111=8000.000 (y max rate, mm/min)
    $112=10000.000 (z max rate, mm/min)
    $120=1000.000 (x accel, mm/sec^2)
    $121=1000.000 (y accel, mm/sec^2)
    $122=1000.000 (z accel, mm/sec^2)
    $130=305.000 (x max travel, mm)
    $131=50.000 (y max travel, mm)
    $132=50.000 (z max travel, mm)

    Am I doing anything wrong?
  • Never mind, I think I see the difference between the default value and mine. But I do have a question though: why is $130 equals to 300 in the default values while your manual says that the working area is 305 in width?
  • The reason we changed $130 to 300 is because some of the laser guard PCB's have longer feet left on the soldered switches and they were hitting the gantry carriage.
    Reducing the workspace by 5mm eliminates this problem.
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