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Wedding gift

Actually a wedding anniversary gift for a mate.

3mm ply
2000mm per minute
10-255 power range
0.250 spacing
800 x 600 image resized and washed through Picasa to give the edge outline, pencil effect
630,000 lines of code, had to split it into two chunks for UGS to cope even with JAR memory increased to 1024Mb

Rubbed with beeswax polish, it will be mounted in a 200x190mm rebated frame from my CNC router


Took just over three hours to run, couple of glasses of Shiraz and we are done


  • And finished

  • David,

    Excellent work. I suspect that is going to be quite a talking point.
  • Those who have seen it are astounded by the definition of things like her hair and his skin tones. He is a swarthy chap and the jowl line is impressive and realistic.

    Very pleased with the effect
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