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Correct belt tension

The assembly instructions have improved a lot since I received my kit, so I may be the only person to have had this problem, but I thought I’d share a couple of photos to show how belt tension can limit accuracy.

In both photos the upper half of the image was done with the belts slightly loose, the lower half is ‘just right’.

In the first image the spacing between each nesting shape is 2 mm.
The text in the second image was filled with a 0.25 mm stepover.

nesting shapes

test shading


  • How did you know how tense to get the belts?
  • The latest version of the assembly guide gives a clear explanation of the tensioning process.

    Make sure you do leave the stated 5mm gap when tensioning the first belt - I got caught out the first time I tensioned my Emblaser belts and only had about a 3mm gap. The machine worked fine but 1cm circles on my test piece were distorted by about 0.8mm diagonally.

    On advice from the Darkly labs team I re-tensioned my belts (with the full 5mm gap) and everything is cutting fine now.

    The belts seem very tight when tensioned according to the instructions but it is both how it is meant to be and needed to get undistorted cuts.
  • Initally, I used trial and error, but the latest assembly guide takes the guesswork out of the process.
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