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31% LASER power


I'm impressed with the etch test. I've got a lot of testing it seems in my near future. :)


  • 2015-01-25

    The machine errored out on the first try which resulted in that burn dot. I thought I moved it enough away from it but oh well.

  • 500mm/m
    70% power

    orange carbon fiber
  • Joseph,
    Looking great!

    Is that real carbon fibre?
  • No, that would be cool though :). The black one goes under the name 4D carbon fiber vinyl and It gives off the shimmer look of real carbon fiber.

    Have you guys tried cutting carbon fiber? I might buy some just to test out.
  • We did test it and didn't have much success.

    It could possibly be engraved with some testing, but not cut all the way through.
  • If that is truly vinyl you may not want to cut it with your laser. Burning PVC creates a corrosive oxidizer. It could eat at the components of your machine if you do it too much. Just be careful with that or you could ruin it.
  • edited February 2015
    2015-02-03 (2)

    Some more testing I did today. A beer tap for my friends beer business he's starting.

    I used Illustrator + photoshop to convert to bmp and shading then piceengraver with pic sender. I could have done this with cut 2D but I like the depth and bold look picengraver achieves. It looks a lot better in person.

    499x316 pixel = 3" by 1.99" i believe was the engraving off hand.
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    lithology settings

    total time 12 minutes 54 seconds
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