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I know this sounds stupid but what points/areas, and how much superlube should be applied to those points? Thanks!


  • Hi Joseph,

    You only need to apply a very small amount (a drop the size of a match head) to each rail and slide the axes back and forward a few times to work the grease into the linear bearings.

    This information is in the next release of the assembly manual.
  • Hi Joseph, only the linear rails require lubricant.
    Rule of thumb, about a third to half of the supplied tube should be more than sufficient to fully lubricate the machine for the first time.
    Remember to re-lubricate after a few months or if you notice the rails have become dry.

    Tip: Don't worry to much about total coverage of each rail, the bearings will pick up excess lubricant and distribute it evenly over time.
  • Awesome! Thanks for clarifying. I have to say, this kit was pretty straight forward and was a fairly smooth process overall. I haven't gotten around to testing yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
  • Hi Joseph, always nice to hear. Let us know how you go, would love to see your stuff in the Project showcase.
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