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So this just showed up at my doorstep, 8 days from Australia to the US (JFK international/Massachusetts)... Can't wat to get it set up and running. More pics to follow...IMG_0287


  • Thoroughly packed with peanuts, contents arrived safe. Looks good!IMG_0288
  • Hey Mason, check your power cord. Mine was sent with a european plug. I just got mine together! Took about 3+ hrs
  • Mine came with US plug. I had a spare with european plug in my "treasures". So not so big problem. I also had 1 M3 nut too few and 4 M3x12 bolts too much, also not a problem.
  • Good to know. I plan on unwrapping everything this afternoon to get a count on all the parts. Assembly tomorrow afternoon.
  • edited January 2015
    Hey Jyri, you probably got my US plug haha. I had a missing m3 nut too. I had all my bolts though... I'm borrowing the power cord off my MS Forcefeedback joystick temporarily.

    If anyone is looking for a US power plug, and shop on amazon you can pick up the appropriate power cord for a few bucks. It seems convenient enough for the price than waiting to get the proper one from Australia. this might be a better choice now that I looked at it more closely. This one has been UL certified and comes in different lengths.
  • We're glad you managed to get over the short/wrong supply situation. We have been working on improving this aspect and try to err on the side of supplying a few more rather than a few less nuts & bolts. Looks like we still have a little tweaking to do.

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