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Longer Laser Enclosure / Ability to place emblazer on workpiece?

edited March 2016 in Mods / R&D
I am looking for a solution to enable me to place the emblazer unit on the item to be engraved (i.e. a large table top). I can think of 2 obvious options:

1. Shorten the legs
2. Lower the laser further than designed

I decided shortening the legs would be too destructive, but found I could lower the laser by removing the fan and "cowl" unit from the top of the laser unit. To me this is not an ideal solution, so:

Any other suggestions?

Any chance of ordering a replacement laser unit with a longer laser enclosure, one that would allow the laser to be lowered approximately 5mm more?

Clayton in Canada


  • You could increase your focal distance 5mm and lower the laser guard to compensate and maintain the safety height from your material. Instead of the guard snapping on the heat sink, attach it in place some other way. Tape? As long as the guard still presses on the switch to activate the laser properly, it should give you the extra distance you need.

    Or, if you have access to a 3D printer, another 5MM could be added to the bottom of the laser guard. Darkly Labs has the stl files for downloading here.
  • Does anything have to be shortened? The current base plate is at a level suitable for focusing the laser. Many users have discovered that it will cut through the material and engrave the base plate.

    If the plate is removed, the table surface below should be in focus.

    One would want to add some form of diagonal bracing at the legs in order to prevent flexing of the acrylic frame. Obviously such bracing would have to be installed while the unit is sitting on a known flat planar surface to prevent constructing operational flaws in the system.

    It's possible, of course, that I'm missing the original concept. If so, I'd like to buy a clue.
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