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PicEngrave Pro Upgrade


I was wondering if we were entitled to the upgrade price for PicEngrave Pro ?
If so, what is the process ?



  • Yes, all Registered PicLaser Lite customers are eligible for the upgrade pricing.

    Go to our web site here.

    At the bottom of the page select "Purchase License" and it will take you to our shopping cart.

  • Dear Jeffery, until today I never engraved anything, just layered pieces for my architectural model.

    I have one question. There was a pic engrave software given for free once I purchased the embalmer on kickstarter? I saw that there are many option to be purchased in the store, but maybe I lost my possibility to have a lit eversione for free thanks to my purchase of the emblaser.

    I also want to say to you congratulations for the results you got in 3d lasering. If i will start to engrave pic, for sure I want to try that features!

    Thank you for your patience, and pass you a good holiday period!

  • Hi Andrea,

    I just looked through our records and your PicLaser Lite Registration from the KickStarter Campaign was sent to you on May 8th of this year. If you can't find your registration email, I can send it to you again. Let me know.

    The Darkly Labs PicLaser Lite 1.1.03 version download is on our forum.

    You are eligible for our PicEngrave Pro 5 Upgrade pricing if your interested.

    Happy Holidays to you and all.
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