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Larger form factor

Dear Darkly Labs,
Have you ever considered larger scale emblasers?... Guessing may not be viable due to likely inverse relationship to size (& shipping costs) and market. If it doesn't work for you, how possible is it and open are you to informally supporting heavy duty modification?


  • Hi Andrew,

    We have been approached a few times for a larger format machine early on but have not pursued development beyond the A3 size.

    The reasons we made this decision are as follows:

    1: We are a small team and spend most of our time supporting the two machines we currently offer. We have many planned improvements and tests which we struggle to find the time as it is without another machine in the mix.

    2: The Emblaser design does not easily scale up. It will need significant re-design.
    For instance, to maintain the accuracy on a larger machine would mean going to a larger diameter linear rail, bearings and possibly belt. This will weigh more and possibly need us to revise our electronics, motors and drivers etc.

    3: We felt that the because of the limited power of laser diodes at this time and the time it takes to cut or engrave materials, going to a larger size would just be impractical.

    Now, having said all that, we always welcome suggestions. Especially when there is a need that we are overlooking.

    With respect to supporting modification, we don't have a problem with it as long as it doesn't involve compromising the user's safety or bypass any of the safety features of the Emblaser.

    The controlling firmware (GRBL) has easily changed parameters to allow for larger or smaller machine sizes.

  • Thanks Dominic, makes sense!
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