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Replacing the base board (IKEA Style!)

So I wanted to change out the base board with something more solid as I was finding that the thin metal was causing things to bend but am crap at cutting wood.

IKEA presented a great opportunity here so I picked up a shelf unit called Komplement which is 58 cm in depth, think I paid about £7 in the U.K.

Drilled a few holes using the metal base board as a template and used the original screws and rubber stoppers and works perfectly :)

Just thought I'd share with you all!


  • Nice idea Daniel.

    If you wanted to be sure the new base board won't burn or catch fire, you can always add the aluminium baseplate above it as well.

    This way you get the safety of the metal baser plate and the support of the idea shelf.
  • Brilliant this will stop my mrs commeting about the big metal plate in our garage ;)
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