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Setting Laser Power via current dip switches

I've just recently received my emblaser - the setup was painless and I've been having success with engraving photos and vector images. I'm now looking to try and make some thru cuts in 1/8" plywood. Based on some other discussions I tried setting my laser to 100% power and speed to 100mm/m. I was unable to cut thru the plywood reliably even after multiple passes ( I tried up to 8). In some areas the cuts went completely thru however in others I didn't even make a mark on the bottom side. I upgraded my laser to the 4W version but have a question about the "actual" power at which I'm working. According to the user manual, "The laser power is determined by the amount of current allowed to pass through the laser diode." and also "Factory default se ng is 1800mA" - what is the "factory default" power when using 1800mA? I'm hesitant to change the current until I know some more about the setup.

Thanks in advance for any replies.



  • Hi Ed,

    Glad to hear the build went well.

    The 4 watt laser can work up to 3amps (3000mA) of current. With the board you have, this means that you can move all the micro switches to the 'on' position. This will give you approximately 4 watts output from the laser diode.

    The 3 watt laser can work up to 2200mA. The default setting is 1800mA which will give you approximately 2.5watts or laser power. At the higher setting you can achieve 2.9-3.1watts or laser power. This will however slightly reduce your laser life.

    Hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you need more info and I will do my best to help you with it.

  • Hi Domenic!
    What is the ideal position switch to 4-watt laser diode ??
    Ideal maximum ?? 111 111 (3000 mA)

    Zsolt from Hungary
  • Yes, all switches on.
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