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External LED display & control via conn1


I'm looking to build an enclosure and replicate LED and control functions. I've had the voltmeter out and i'm not seeing what I expected. Can somebody reconfirm the pins please?

I've got a rev2 board and was expecting the following (see image). I can power the board up via what I think is pin 3 but I'm not able to find +5v on any of the other pins...

g4424.png 7.8K


  • scratch that - having had a short break and a bite to eat I now know that I've got the pins correct. You only get +5v out of pin two if you switch the device on via pins 3 & 5. Had to dig out a breadboard and connectors to work it out :)

  • Hi. Finally got my enclosure in a working state (Not finished though!) so thought i'd share. Its taken a while - I've been using it as a mental exercises to help me recover from (Hopefully reversible) brain damage which had left me struggling with basic maths. Its a bit Heath Robinson but it does work :)

  • Andrew the enclosure looks awesome! I've been working on one similar (a bit too cold in the workshop though to get much done). I figured I'd add the external controls later so I can at least get the laser moved inside the house. How difficult was it to bring out the controls?
  • Thanks. Not too bad. I built a small and very simple board to take the 5v out and drive the LED's via transistors. Its worth noting that Conn1 has pins with 2mm spacing rather than the usual 2.54mm so you may not have the bits lying around to jump from the board.
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