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Formaldehyde-free MDF source in US?

Hello everyone!

We have had some solid success with our fun new laser cutter toy recently, and we would like to move on to cutting MDF. Thing is, burning MDF is supposed to be bad for you due to the formaldehyde content, right? So we've been trying to find 1/8" (3mm) formaldehyde-free MDF with no success. I can find it in 1/4" thickness, but that's really not what we're after.

Does anyone have a source for 1/8" or 3mm formaldehyde-free MDF in the US? Preferably standard sheet stock size 4'x8'.

Thank you!!


  • Here's a useful link for your quest. Sierra Pine has sold the Medite line to another company but their link takes you to that other company. Other links exist too, of course.
  • Despite the condescension in the link format, I think you're trying to say that Medite is what I'm looking for.

    I've actually emailed them directly and they don't manufacture the formaldehyde free line in 1/8" thickness.

    If you have any direct links that prove their sales rep wrong, or any direct links to a manufacturer that does produce a formaldehyde free MDF in 1/8" or 3mm thickness, I would very much appreciate those.

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