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Another Noob's First Impression

Howdy everyone! I figured I’d chime in with my initial impressions of my Emblaser like others. Unfortunately my feelings are mixed based on the assembly process and the first few uses. Assembly wise it took me about 3 hours to put together. Most of my complaints are the same as others. The acrylic edges really need to be addressed. They are very rough and sharp and need to be sanded down and the edges eased. The screw on the front center bracket, top side, is going to cause a failure in the long term with the belt rubbing on it. I swapped it with a pan head from the inside so now the belt clear it. The base plate could use a few additional feet so it doesn’t flex so much.

Okay on to issues with my unit. First none of the holes in the top panel were drilled all the way through, so I had to redrill every hole. The front panel was not machined square so I had to redrill it and then grind it flat. About an hour after assembling I heard some cracking noises, a couple of minutes later a loud pop and I found the 3D printed leg failed (a replacement is all the way, added a little epoxy to get me though). Next up the clips for the bearings on the left side randomly pop out, not sure it maybe a belt is too tight or just another bad 3D printed part. Finally the fan adapter cracked on the second use. I’m guessing maybe I squeezed it when adjusting the height, but I wouldn’t have thought it would have failed with basic use (added epoxy here too). I included photos of these things just to put it out there. So far I can't run it faster then 500mm/min, any more then that and the cut lines have a lot of ripple. I am hoping that between a new leg and figuring out how to keep the bearing clips from popping out, things will settle down.

I’m hoping to not come off as a complainer who could never be happy. I originally planned on buying an add-on to my Shapeoko3 for half the cost of the Emblaser, but thought that even with the size/height limitations on the Emblaser that a stand alone unit would be a nicer choice. For the cost of the Emblaser though I expected something more refined.
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