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picture engraving problems

So I cant seem to get the photo engravings the way I want them to be. I don't know if its my settings or the fact that i am using the trail version. I really wanted to make sure i had the software figured out before i bought the full version.
anyone have an idea on what the problem is?


  • Hi Ryan,

    There is some recommended PEP5 settings in this thread for the EmBlaser.
    They will give you a starting place, then you will have to adjust from there for your material.

    Some pointers: The Pixel Resolution sets the stepover & step ahead and it's based on your laser's focal point/burn line width. At the default .01, it will engrave the size of your image. When using a .006 Pixel Resolution as we show in the thread, you will need to resize your image in the editor.

    You also have Skip White Bkgnd. selected. Your image will not benefit using it as it's mainly for B&W type logo images where there is allot of pure white around the outside of your image.

    You also have Laser Edge selected, but did not input a Laser Edge Power Command. For the EmBlaser it should be a S and a value between 127-255. S127 would be half power and S255 would be full power.

    You need to include a Laser Edge Feedrate also. A "1" Width in Pixels will only travel around one time. Each time you add another Pixel Width number (from 1 to 2), it will step in the Pixel Resolution distance and make another pass.

    If you have any more questions, we are here to help.

  • A lot depends on preparing your picture before engraving. Adjusting contrast and brightness levels are quite important for good results. I can't say I'm an expert at that but in my trials so far I've noticed big differences coming from seemingly small adjustments. I've been using corrugated cardboard box material for my trials rather than wood.
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