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Cutting Inkjet Photographic Paper

Using some Hewlett Packard inkjet 125 lb 7.5 mil photographic paper to make a bellows to protect my bench lathe lead screw I ran into some odd problems. No matter how slow and strong I set the laser I got random intermittent cuts (glossy side down). No rhyme or reason or discernible pattern as to when it did and didn't cut. After being asked to see if my laser was properly focused and told to try cutting regular copy paper to see if that would cut, I put a sheet of copy paper over the photographic paper to see if that would get cut. Lo and behold not only did it cut the copy paper it also cut totally through the photo paper under it as well! Ran at 250 mm/min and 100%. Dashed lines allowed for great folds in the bellows. Hope This Helps.


  • Would you say that the "underside" of the photo paper, the part you can't see, is reflective in any manner? I'm sure the photo paper is a lamination of various layers. Perhaps one of them dislikes direct laser exposure. I would then guess that the top cover of ordinary paper may carbonize the layer that would otherwise not cut well.

    This is all guessing. I don't know anything.
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