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Image of my dog Lewis and I. Using PEP5 and output on cedar.


  • great image. Lewis appears to eat well.
  • Nice job Daryl. B) We never tried photo engraving on cedar. It looks like it engraves very good. Can you share your PEP5 settings?

  • Thanks Jeff, Screenshot of settings attached.
    PEP5.jpg 152.8K
  • Hi Fred, At the time of the pic I was working in an aged care facility and Lewis came to work with me every day. He was very popular with the residents and as he had free reign of the place, quickly worked out which rooms to visit for a pat and a snack. There were quite a few rooms. :-)
    I have since slimmed him down.
  • Thanks for posting your settings Daryl.

    They are close to what we use with Poplar & Birch Ply, so Cedar photo engraves fairly easy also. I assume it was done with the 3W? I will have to get some and try it myself the next time we make a wood run into town.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Yep it was done with a 3W laser. The timber also cuts nicely. Attached is a drink coaster(s) I made for a friend. Engraved and cut using cedar.


  • Ditto Jeff's comments, Daryl. Very well done, indeed.
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