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Ring Box

A project I've been working on. IMG_0040

It's a ring box for my daughter's wedding. The box is cut from Cherry on my Camaster Stinger. Here's the top:
Nicely lasered by my Emblaser!!



  • Hi Kipp

    Very nice, it would seem that you are like me, adding another CNC tool to the armory. I built a 3HP 800mm x 600mm mill/router a couple of years ago that I make various timber and plastic projects on. My main reason for adding the Emblaser to the workshop was to do as you have done, add engraving to finished timber projects. I am working on a didgeridoo for a friend that will be laser engraved with Aboriginal designs to finish if off.


  • David,
    Yes, always adding tools to my shop. I have another 3d printer and one of the 40w lasers coming next week. I had to look up didgeridoo to see what it was. You must make these by hand? I hope you post some pictures of the finished project. What is the plan for applying the designs? Does it have flat sides or round?

  • Hi
    I am making the didg on the CNC router, this particular one is a spiral type, I cut two or three pieces depending on the thickness of the stock and the finished size then glue them together.
    This will give you an idea of the finished instrument, I will use Emblaser to do the artwork on each of the pieces before glueing.

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