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centering objects and Positions

hello I own an a4 emblaser and the cut 2D software and I managed to home it but how can I get the laser to go to a position on the work table that its not on when I run a job
for example I tried entering coordinates in the job position area on the cut 2D but then the machine started making a horrible clanking noise when I started the job and did not budge from its spot


  • When you home the emblazer sets the "machine position" to zero at the home position but sets the "Work position" zero to the lower left corner. If in the commands tab you enter G0 X0 Y0 and then hit enter your emblazer will go to that location. In cut2d you define your work piece size and its zero position where you want. If you also use the lower left as your 0,0 position in cut2d then your good to go, lower left to lower left.

    Sometimes it is more advantages to use the center of the work piece as 0,0. Simply finish your design and toolpaths and then go back and change the origin to lower left and do a recalculate all toolpaths and set you work piece as before.

    Not to confuse the issue but you can move the laser head to whever you wish and on the Machine Control Tab there is a button to make your current position 0,0.

    I use an mdf piece as my spoil board and lasered (25%) a 11"x 16" rectangle with cross hairs at 5.5" and 8" and then circles centered at x=8 and y=5.5 increasing from 1 to 11 inches in diameter. It helps to center my work piece in one of the circles if my design has a center for its origin. I home the machine, then issue a command G0 X8 Y5.5 and then use the button to make that my new 0,0.

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