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Laser grid

Does anyone have any insight into buying or making a laser grid like this? :

I'd buy one from that site, but they don't ship to Canada (boo!), only the US.


  • The link you've provided shows a product that has a thickness of more than one inch (25mm) and would severely limit what you can place on the bed of the emblaser. Granted, a thick item would not have burn-through, so you could remove the laser grid as needed.

    I found honeycomb aluminum on eBay for a much lower price and purchased a piece somewhat smaller than the cutting area. It's 3/8" thick (10mm) and very light and has been working great.
  • Thanks Fred,

    That gave me enough information to dig a little deeper.
    I searched from honeycomb aluminum and found a seller ("Honeygrids").
    They make custom pieces, and they've got their own website.
    I just ordered a 12" x 17" piece. *fingers crossed*
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