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Making vector file for an emblaser in adobe illustrator

Hi there. I've ordered my emblaser the other day, and I'm looking forward to get it delivered.
I am just wondering how to make vector file for an emblaser in Adobe illustrator? As far as I understand, every laser cutter require slightly different settings. I'm assuming that the file needs to be saved in RGB
and laser cutting line should be Red 225,0,0, engraving, Blue 0,0,255, raster engraving and fills, Black 0,0,0? If I want to engrave picture, do I need to make it gray scaIe 8bit? How can I find out what stroke weight is suitable? Some web page says 0.25pt and some says 0.1pt, so I am a bit confused. Dose the file need to be one layer or should it be all separate layers? I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance.


  • I think you are missing a step, after Illustrator you will need to use Cut2DLaser Desktop to generate a cutting file.

    The process you described is what is used for many laser cutting services that use industrial machines, though Cut2DLaser gives you a bit more freedom with power & speed settings.
    This means a bit of trial and error to begin with, but it doesn't take long to get a good idea of what the machine can do, and ballpark settings to start with.

    I think you should have access to the User Manual, which gives you a run through of all the basics, worth a read in advanced if you have the time.

    In Illustrator I find it best to seperate things into 'Cut' and 'Engrave' layers for each major object or group. Cut2DLaser should retain these layers on import (saved as .ai, .eps or .dxf) which will make it much easier to manage selections within Cut2DLaser itself.

    Specific layer names, line widths, line colours, etc. are not necessary, and have no effect on settings in Cut2DLaser.

    Good luck,
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