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5.5W Laser module

Now that we have a 4W laser available, we of course want more ... this caught my eye

... a 5.5W module including heatsink for just over A$400 (about the same as the Emblaser 4w module).

Aside from the obvious mechanical issues of adapting it to fit on the Emblaser, there is the question of whether it is in reality any better than the Emblaser's 4W module (without at least equally good optics the extra power is wasted).

And of course there's the power supply to address - the 4W module maxes out the onboard laser power supply at 3A. While this 5.5W module seems to include its onboard power supply, it looks like it could not get sufficient power from the Emblaser electronics and would require an external supply solution / hack.

Which then begs the question - is the new 4W module the end of the power upgrades for the Emblaser, given there is no higher current setting on the control board?


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