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Please give me a Tutorial on R2D2 model

Hi Domenic,
I would like to know how could you cut the R2D2 model with good precision ? I tried to print the model from then cut it. But I could not cut it precisely. What I have done are:

- First, I was using Inkscape to edit the pdf model, and generate the nc file using Inkscape Laserengraved Extension. From what I saw everything is in the same position. But, when the Emblaser start cutting, the cutting shift down about an inch.
- On Second tried, I am using Cut2D, and when I import or open the same pdf it just does not open.

So what I would like to know are :
- Are there any trick/tips how we print the model to printer, and then cut it.
- Do we have to use Cut2D to make it happen ?
- Could I use Inkscape to generate the NC file ? Since I don't know how to use Adobe Illustrator.
- Are there any particular PDF format which can be opened by Cut2D ?
- What is the most important format/criteria to make the model file,so it can be imported to Cut2D ?

thank you,


  • Hi Irawan,

    We will be working on a number of tutorials, but most of our time is taken up preparing kits for shipment at the moment. Here is a brief technique we used.

    1: We imported the pdf file into Adobe Illustrator and created vectors from the artwork.
    We created cross-hair marks in each corner of the artwork on a layer. This layer was overlaid onto the artwork to give us our 'registration marks' when cutting.

    2: We printed the artwork on a color printer with the 'registration marks' on each corner.

    3: We exported the vectors from Adobe Illustrator as .dxf and imported them into Cut2D.

    3: We generated two cutting files:
    The first was of the 'registration marks'.
    The second was of the artwork we wanted to cut.

    4: We placed a thick piece of card on the base of the Emblaser and taped it down so it wouldn't move.

    5: We ran the 'registration mark' cutting file which burnt the marks onto the thick card.

    6: We placed the color printed artwork on the thick card and aligned the registration marks (remember this is printed with the registration marks on it). We used small pins and tape to hold this exactly in place.

    7: We ran the artwork cutting file and it cut the artwork exactly.

    If you are having misalignments, you may have the following:
    1: Your color printer may be stretching the image when printing
    2: Your alignment is not precise and it will show up more in some areas than others.

    Recommendation: Do a simple test in cut2D.
    Create a square shape and registration marks as I have described above.
    Print the square on a color printer and save the cutting files as outlined above.
    Run them on your Emblaser and check that your alignment is correct.

    It is always better to start simple and work your way up. That way you can resolve problems more easily.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you would like anything clarified.

  • Also I would appreciate tutorial for one cutting work (with all the right settings) and for one Pic -tutorial.
  • WOW, thank you very much for the hint, Never thought about it's way. I was thinking that everything is just print and cut. as long as we put the left bottom corner of the paper to 0,0 coordinate.
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