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LaserBlade PCB Fire!

From what i know this is the first instance of this happening. And form experience Ive scene this issue in the past but only when there was a component internal failure that caused it to ignite. Here's my issue and what happened today. I was processing a very simple cutting job on paper, same jobs Ive done dozens of times with no issue. As the job was processing through GRB Panel my computer noted an error with the job script. This hadn't happened before, but every now and again i will get an error in GRB Panel with an error, but it doesn't affect the job, which I'm sure many of you GRB Panel users have had happen to you. Anyway i though nothing of it and went back to doing other work on the side, while maintaining a visual of the laser, then i smelled it. What can only be described as burnt wire. i hate that smell and it never comes out of my jobs with paper, i come back to the job and see what is happening, the pcb has begun to melt the acrylic around it. as i turn off power it begins, the plastic under the pcb or possible around the pcb has begun to ignite. Yep ignite, i pull the power cord, feebly attempt to blow it out and then run out of the room to grab a towel to stop it. Well before i can get a wet towel over it to stop the plastic fire, the acrylic, the printed parts and belts have all ignited, The room is full of smoke as is my house and I'm trying to smother a plastic fire. Thank god i was able to get the flames out, and watch the bottom end of my laser cutter bubble and crack into a pool of melted plastic death. The PCB is toast, all the components are piled under it solidified together with plastic and the acrylic has been turned into a chard mess of nastiness. Thankfully i was able to notice this and stop it before the room caught fire or the entire house. I just done understand, ive never had any issues with the machine and use it almost everyday, i even keep it well lubricated and make sure its clean and with proper ventilation. Im just at a loss for words right now. i don't even know what to say anymore.


  • Hi David,

    This is very surprising indeed. Thankfully you and you property is all ok.

    We will be in contact directly to find out everything we can from you and try to get to the cause of this.

    This is the first we have seen of this occurring with thousands of Emblaser out in the field all over the world.

    I have raised a support request for this.
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