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Edge Burn

I've been running a few samples on leather. Everything seems to be going fairly well, except for the edge burn. Some of the designs I have been doing it works well with, but with smaller designs I seem to lose a lot of the finer details.

Is there a way to control the edge burn at all? I'm only running at about 30% power, .2mm line spacing, vector images.



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    There are some tips & tricks videos online that have helped me with this.
    Check this out:

    Cover the leather with a single layer of masking tape (clear packing tape works too, I tried it with leather). When the laser cuts, the tape will prevent the smoke from getting onto the top surface of the leather.
    Some burn marks can also be washed off with water.
  • Thanks Eoin, I'll have to have a play around with that.

    I've done a few more test runs, but I think the problem is that the fill also outlines the vector. The effect works well on the large areas, but you seem to lose the detail on the smaller areas. I've used the repeating vector pattern to create a fill without the outline and this seems to preserve some of the definition.

    Just part of the learning curve I guess.
  • "Repeating vector pattern" sounds interesting. Could you describe that a bit more?
  • Repeating Vector Pattern

    It's a function in Cut2D Laser, creates wave lines where you can vary the amplitude, wavelength, spacing etc.
  • Ah .... thanks. I'll be trying that soon. I haven't explored all the tools yet with this newer Cut2D version. That tool wasn't in the mac version I was using before.
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