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OS X and Linux users need to have an app for the new Vectrics Cut2d Laser Desktop


  • I mean a real app
    the first version embedded with wine was nice
    but can't we go further and have real cross platform versions ?
    for everybody
    mac pc and linux ?????
  • As you know we don't develop the software ourselves.

    We work with the software developers to make it both compatible and easy to use with the Emblaser.

    Ultimately it is up to the software developers to make Mac compatible version of their software. We regularly ask and keep gently nudging them, but as of yet, it has not happened.
  • are there no other softwares to help us ?
    I know it is not your your fault
    I sent a mail to Vectrics months ago
    and they told me that their software didn't have the ability
    to be converted to mac or linux !
    so I ask you again it is the only software ?

    or you are maybe finding other options ?
    this is kind of frustrating to be forced ...
    to emulate our computers
    to do the work !

    tx anyway
    I love your machine !
    that's why !
  • I'm going to break down and buy a (hopefully reliable) used PC and try that dedicated to the emblaser and the new Cut2D and PicEngrave software.

    The last PC I used was a dos machine ... just before the first version of windows came out. I've be using macs since then.

    I've got a pretty good workflow going with the mac version of the older Cut2D and UGS but I'd like to try this new version and PicEngrave.

    There was a member here who was trying to get a driver for the emblaser to work with VisiCut (a laser software that works on macs) but there's been nothing from him for a while. the thread is below:
  • Jared, plenty of cheap second hand (PC) laptops kicking around that will easily do the job. Seems they are a throw away item these days.
  • There's also ObjectWorks software supposedly available for macs and will work with the emblaser. I just joined their forum and asked for more info.
  • edited November 2015
    We had a chat with the ObjectWorks developer just recently about Mac support.

    Although the software does not support Mac at the moment, it is programmed in a way to make the conversion very straight forward as soon as Microsoft release dot net 5.0

    The Emblaser is supported by the Objectworks software.

    For the tech-minded, here is some info on the cross-platform compatibility:
  • Thanks for that Darkly Labs. The ObjectWorks web site was light on details.
    I did get a reply on their forum from a user who said it works but it's a bit buggy ... still being developed ... but the developer hadn't been on the forum for months. So, it looks like it's a used PC laptop for me in the very near future.
  • We love our Macs at Darkly, but life gets so much easier when it comes to CNC machines when you have a PC.

    We will also keep nudging the developers to create cross-platform software.
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    So, I got a used PC laptop (quite a nice one) and got it up to windows 10 and spent quite a few head scratching hours getting to understand the operating system. Downloaded and installed the new version of Cut2D and all the appropriate drivers plus Dropbox. I can design on my mac, upload to dropbox and open the file in Cut2D on the PC from there.

    I quite like the new version of Cut2D and the V-Transfer ability (seems to work fine). Don't have to use UGS anymore.

    I'll be trying out the pic engrave software soon.
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