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Happy New Year!

The past six months has flown by and before we knew it, 2015 is here.

We are very happy with the overall reception of the LazerBlade (aka Emblaser) amongst the customers who have received their kits. As with any new product there are always some teething issues but there has been a lot of great feedback which we have taken onboard to make the kits easier to assemble and use.

As of today, we have either shipped or have ready to ship all September kits. They will leave on the week of the 5th. Our assembly and packing process is getting quicker and we plan to add some extra hands over the next couple of months to increase our throughput.

It has been such a great experience working with everyone in the Kickstarter community. The level of encouragement and support has been astounding and continues to motivate us daily.

Happy New Year,

The Darkly Labs Team

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