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new here - first cuts (so amazing for me)

hey everybody!
attached pics of my last weeks tests.
from left to right: mahogany inlay into basswood, "iron door" for O scale model train house (0.5mm pearwood)
sorry for uploading twice: palmtree leaves - paper and a tree house model for my doughter (3mm balsa)

this tool renders possibilities i dreamed of when i was a boy......

best, alex (back at playing)


  • That iron door is amazing, how small are the smallest cut outs ?
  • edited November 2015
    the beams are 0.46mm in width! i did not expect, that the small triangles around the round cutout will be burned away so nice! they have a side lenght of 0.57mm. as the wood brakes very easely, i will change to thick paper or try a cut on polycarbonate stock (have to check out if its possible - did some engraving jet, but no cut through) also the keyhole of the lock is great (think it was about 0.8mm in height)
  • Great work Alexander.

    Please keep sharing pics of your projects. I'm sure there are lots of people interested in see what you create.
  • oh - here is a cutout for a On30 (1/48 scale) coach side wall (0.5mm pearwood -can be cut like butter).
  • Very nice Alex. I'm wondering where you got the pearwood veneer from.
  • Well, yes :-) Here in Vienna i have lots of wood sources. Lucky me, having an arts-shop across the street, where i can purchase veneers from differnt kinds of woods and thicknes (gerstaecker) cheerz, lx
  • did some quick test cutting this weekend: attached is the pic of this awesome job. its an O scale hand rail of a balcony of the bosque house of New Orleans. i found great plans of this house @ did some detail reduction while redrawing in corel. think the test run on thick paper was a full success :-). as i want to share my drawing, i also included the pdf.
    so long, alex
  • some time has passed, some cuts as well - still in love with the cutter...
    some proto types for the train-line are done - here are the main parts of a On30 baggage car, to be hauled by my other project- the live steam engine.
    coach_04.png 425.6K
  • G'day Alex,
    Thats great work and is exactly the kind of things I just bought my emblazer to try. It gives me an extra incentive to get mine up and running this weekend! Can I just ask about the coach you just posted - is that card or plastic? It looks like plasticard, but if so its the first time I've seen an example of how it goes in a laser cutter. Whatever, it looks brilliant - would you be able to share the settings you used for both the cutting and the engraving process please? Once again - great stuff, especially the balcony railings you posted earlier!
  • Hey Chris!

    its 600g cardboard one side white and sort of glossy - that makes it appear like plastic. at first i used wood - cutting the 0.4mm wood was fast in comparison. but now i find cardboard fine to handle. the cutting for one coach takes about 1h30min and i had to clean the cutted sides more carefully than with wood (otherwise the color will be darkened - what also is fine - looks like weathered).
    As i do not know the settings right now exactly - but i think it was like this: 300mm/min 100% 2 passes (standard setting) for cutting and 700mm/min 100% 1 pass for engraving. will write if this isnt true :-)
    attached a pick of the parts assembled - so cool - was done in 8minutes!

  • Alex, is that N scale?
  • @ JaredHooper: no its big - its 1/48 (On30). But I am sure the parts could be scaled down and cut by the emblaser. Won`t do any live steam in N scale.

    @ Chris: had the right values in mind! If you modelling in the same scale and you guarantee for non comercial use i share my vektors. - if youre interested, though.

    here a link to pics of the car steps i burned out yesterday :-)
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