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Emblaser stop to work.

I already use the emblaser for a long time, more than 4 months, without any problem, but these weekend, when I try to turn on the machine I had some problem and is not possible to use any more.
I do always the same steps to turn on the machine. First turn on the computer, than turn on the machine and, for last, plug the USB cable to the computer. After theses 3 steps, I start to run the UGS 1.0.8 normally, choose COM4 to the machine and press OPEN. The machine make some short noise, like just make one or two steps in the motors, these indicates that the connection between computer and Emblaser it´s OK. But when I try to HOME the machine appears a message "No supported homing for this version", the same message appears to the other commands too.
First I imagine that could be a java update, so I uninstall java and Arduino drive, install the first versions that I used and use to work in the past, but the problem persists. I already tried in a old computer, that was used in the beginning and there is no update done, so should work well, but the problem is the same.
The strange thing is that, in UGS, where is the machine state, do not appear the red mark with “machine is not ready” (I don´t remember exactly what message use to appear)… And when I try to send a file appears a message “Error while starting file stram: Grbl has not finished booting”
Do you know what can be happening?
For me it´s like the firmware of the machine doesn´t starts correctly, can I update the firmware somehow?
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  • Rafael,

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