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Pinning Key work arounds here or posting on the Web Site

The forum is great for discussing issues and workarounds, but it would be great to have an updated area or a users area on the web site which summarizes and lists the latest information as we have a lot of updates and workarounds scattered throughout many discussion groups. Examples would include a list of all the software helpful to us, latest version number, and a description of what that software is used for (in layman's terms). A file section with link and lists of sample, test or fun files....etc. Discussion topic headings are great, but as the discussions get longer, so does navigating to resolve your issue.


  • We completely agree.

    We have been working on a new Help Centre that will cover most of the things you have mentioned. We are almost to the release point.

    Initially it will contain all the key topics from the issues/request section but will grow to contain all relevant information.

    Here is a link to the Help Centre:

    In the next couple of days, all current customers will be setup with an account and receive an email to create their login password.

    PLEASE DO NOT email us right now about logging in, it will happen in the next couple of days!
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