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Picengrave releases the new PicLaser and this month's promotion.

The Picengrave team have just released PicLaser V2.0 and streamlined their product offerings.

PicLaser v2.0 replaces the original PicLaser-Lite and PicEdit, combining both feature packed programs in one place.

For the month of November, Picengrave are also offering a free license to PicFRC with every purchase of PicLaser. You will receive the free PicFRC license automatically with the purchase from our website here:

PicLaser Features:

• Engrave Horizontal - Vertical - 45° Left
• Customize Gcode with Pre-codes
• Engrave Image Edges
• Imperial or Metric
• Change Axis Assignment Letters
• Save and Reload All Program Settings
• Imbed File Settings in Gcode for Future Reference
• Adjustable Pixel Resolution
• Spindle On/Off Gcode Insertion
• Supports Laser & Spindle image Engraving
• Analog, TTL, and PWM Laser Modes
• Works with Windows language versions that use
commas or periods as decimal separators.
• GRBL, Mach3 and similar CNC controller support.
• 3D Printer Controller Support for J-Tech Photonics
Laser Systems.

Included Image editor features:
• Resize Images
• Adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Gamma
• Imports 5 Image Types BMP - JPG - PNG - TIF - GIF
• Sharpen Images
• Grayscale Preview
• Print Edited Images
• Dither Images for TTL Engraving with 11 Different Algorithms
• Auto calculation of engraving size based on Pixel Resolution used.
• The demo version has limited functionality and watermarks. Use
your personal images for testing.


  • It is a great offer, but as I have both PicLaser-Lite and PicEdit already. Do you think any improvement features if I upgrade to PicLaser ? What are they ? Aren't those features above already in the PicLaser-Lite and PicEdit ? ( I am not quite sure).
  • Hi Irawans,

    The only change is the image editor (previously PicEdit Lite) is opened and used within the image to gcode program (previously PicLaser Lite) instead of having two separate programs. You would not have any advantage upgrading to PicLaser except for the Promotion of receiving PicFRC free which is $9.95 on our web site.

    However, there is a big advantage upgrading to our PicEngrave Pro 5 with all the added features that PicLaser or PicLaser Lite does not have, including the Feed Rate Change.

  • I would like to add, if you are using the Darkly Labs version 1.1.03 of PicLaser Lite, it does not have the 3D printer controller engraving profile for lasers, but v1.1.04 of PicLaser Lite and v2.0.0 of PicLaser does have it.

  • We have been getting requests for an Upgrade path from our PicLaser Lite image to gcode program to our new PicLaser, so we decided to offer for sale on our web site.

    Thanks everyone.
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