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Easier item positioning

Alright I have seen some laser engravers have the option of a red dot laser that allows you to have an idea of the location where it will start and can be run to make sure its aligned correctly. Is there a possible way to get this? I have also seen a engraver that allows a webcam to be put up top to allow positioning onto the item. I just do not want to leave it up to guess work and having a grid helps but not 100%.


  • i was lucky that company i buy blanks they supply me the templates so i cut a small template on my mdf board than put the item on and engrave. its not the greatest but its a solution. if you can figure out the outline of the object than you can do this way if not we just have to wait someone comes with with that idea :)
  • Tape a heavy card or other material down on your spoil board, make sure there is overlap into the non cutting area.
    Cut a right angle with long sides. and remove the card in the cutting area.
    This will give you a repeatable alignment.
  • I make an outline of the job and create a separate toolpath in Cut2D with a single pass of this outline. I run this outline job before my actual job and it allows me to position my work accurately.
  • I am engraving, gun parts,cell phones and other wonky things. I see those somewhat working but I need almost dead on accuracy of some of these things.
  • OK I sometimes engrave wooden pens so the placement of the job needs to be very accurate. I create an outline toolpath of the pen size, just a rectangle and a centreline running a couple of centremetres longer than the pen through the centre of the rectangle. I run this outline job onto my baseboard and now I can position the pen accurately within the rectangle. I can also align the pen axis along the centreline. I always do a test run with the laser off to make sure the laser guard does not catch the pen and roll it. The pens are irregular in shape. So this method could be used to create an outline of anything you wish to engrave (or cut).
  • I found an easier way. Create an alignment layer on your graphic file with 2 X's. burn these once into your sacrificial surface. From now on, you turn on the layer on your graphics program and place your object you want to cut in the program relative to these marks - turn the layer off when creating the cutting file - align your material on the surface to these 2 X's. Since the laser is not re-cutting the X's, they keep sharp while the sacrificial interior is being burned away.
    In the case of the Pen Example, I would have the laser cut a furrow in the sacrificial material in the shape of the pen, not an outline - that way the pen rests inside and is held by the sacrificial material, then all you have to do is roll the pen into the divot and engrave.
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