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Cut2D software registration

I am a newbie on this forum, I have now built my Emblazer and all testing looks good so far, but when I received my email from Darkly last Wednesday I immediately followed the link to Vectric to register my software. I understand that this registration process is manual, but how long do they normally take to reply and send you the link to download your own copy of Cut2D, I have not received anything from them so far.
Thanks for any replies, Ian


  • Be sure to check your spam folder. Otherwise I have little to offer in the way of suggestions.
  • Thanks Fred, yes should have mentioned that Igave been checking my spam folder but still nothing as yet.
  • When I registered my downloaded (mac version) of Cut2D Laser the registration process happened right away. What took the most time was having to manually type in that 26 character registration number.
  • Ian,

    Vectric are in the UK and there is always a little time difference, but they normally reply within 24 hours (unless its a weekend).

    I would recommend emailing and ask them directly.

    Please let us know if you don't have any luck and we will get involved.
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