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My Ventilation Solution

Hey all,
I just wanted to share my design for a simple venting system to minimize fumes. I designed the parts in solidworks, then printed them on an Ultimaker 2. The fan is just a simple 12v dc cooling fan wired to an ac adaptor. The hosing is from a replacement set for a shopvac. If people are interested, I'd be happy to share the .stl files.


  • Nice! I'm planning on having a ventilation setup too once I get all the parts delivered :)
  • oh I like that. could you post the files. I'll try making one once I get my 3d printer. first job :-)
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    I did something similar. I used a 6" ~100 CFM muffin fan, designed and 3D printed a 6" to 3" reducer and obtained 3" collapsible duct tubing. Because my materials are not flat, but wood (2" tall), I positioned the ducting next to my working material with a small fan blowing onto the cutting area. This seems to work very well for me. The only caveat is having to reposition the ducting as it moves to capture the smoke. Because my machine is next to a corner window, I purchase a dual blade window fan unit to be installed next to the exhaust fan to suck the air out if there is any leftover smoke in the vicinity.
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    I cannot say enough about the twin blade window fan. It sucks smoke straight out the window from over a foot away. If your machine is positioned in a corner, like mine, use another fan to blow the smoke towards the window fan.
  • yes please share .stl file , it looks perfect!
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    A also felt the need for a ventilation after engraving some wood. Working with open windows on both sides of the room worked fine but it got cold inside, so I had to find another solution:

    I made a wooden box around the Lazerblade. On top I put a clear plastic glass. Next week I will also get some sticky foam-seal as it is also used for old doors and windows to seal the glass and the wood.

    In the back I put a 12V-Fan I had laying around attatched to a hose from an old vacuum cleaner.

    I can now just open one window a little bit and let the other end of the house hang outside.

    I plan to implement a speed-controller for the fan because it is quite loud at full speed.

    Have a nice Weekend.
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    Forgot to upload the pic... Here it is:
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    in my workshop I have a false wall behind my unit - looking at getting a cheap stove range-hood - can get Bellini ones for about $90 at Bunnings. Fan exhaust should be standard 100mm duct and the fan from the Emblaser blows straight up to it, so you could run a length out yr window. Feasibly even mount the range=hood on a stand if you want portable...
  • Is there any way to run another small fan like the ones that come with the emblaser from the bmblaser so there are 3, I have a idea for fume extraction but want it start up with the rest of the fans and use the same power source if possibly as would rather not use batterers or another plug socket.

    Any info would be good.
  • will covering the emblaser cause any kind of side effect to the machine? i am definitely in need of a Closure with some kind of ventilation. my basement 2 windows aren't enough either . i will be taking it to the shop soon i cant have any fumes in there either .
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    i was thinking build a small box make a hole and feed a small vacuum line and put a carbon activated filter. i wont be able to ventilate out to window in my shop so this is what i came up with what you guys think? maybe use dominics box idea

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    im almost done with my enclosure mdf box cost me $7 flex 20 foot duck hose $14 i bought an inline 4 inch fan so it sucks the fume out, i am waiting for my orange acrylic lid and im done. it worked great so far without the cover. i put a thin cardboard and all the fumes went out the door. next step is indoor filtration. i ordered carbon charcoal activated air filter which is same as a auto cabin air filter i picked up for $9 and a plastic box where the end of the 4 inch duct hose will go in
  • I built something very similar but with no vent pipe involved because I was able to locate the box on a work desk against an outside wall. I installed the fan right in the wall. The part facing tight against the wall has no side and the side away from the wall has an opening across the bottom to allow air to flow in across the surface being lased then out the vent hole. Works great. I have clear 3mm acrylic on top but I'd like to get some orange.
  • 29$ on ebay custom cut orange 1/8
  • I'm sure u can buy cheap transparent orange vintage for less than 4$ and stick it on the clear one will be the same thing
  • That sounds easy enough. I think I recall reading about the orange having to be somehow particular to counter the laser light properly.
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