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pic engrave positioning

so i know how to use vectric and engrave and cut things wasn't hard to get going now pic engrave is a another software that i have to use to create the codes for the picture. now the reason i love the vectric is because the blanks i use have templates from manufacturer. i have the eps files of every product they sell so i just import and slightly burned the templates on my 1/4 inch mdf . when i need to engrave something i pull the product from the shelf and position it on the mdf and open the file i created before with vectric where the template is and write the custom work on the screen than delete everything else but the engraved part. this allows me to save time.

how will i be able to do this with pic engrave???


  • Hi Mike,

    I thought you were working on a fume extraction setup so you don't die. :-)

    PicEngrave is an image to gcode raster engraving program, not a vector engraving program, so it will be different to setup and use. The file formats that can be opened and used to generate gcodes is .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tif and .gif.

    The positioning will be based on your image's size and where you select the starting zero place at either the lower left corner or center of an image.

    PicEngrave also has a way to set offsets of these positions from you X&Y zero position, so your zero X&Y work position can be at the lower left corner in the EmBlaser's travel area and will engrave anywhere else where you have the offsets at.

    Sounds like you already have the template shapes burned into your MDF for positioning your blank, so you must know their center positions already are to set the offsets.

    The advantage with PicEngrave, you can produce products with photos & shading, instead of just B&W. It will generate gcodes for the B&W process also using a dithered image that the included image editor can create.

    If this is too difficult for you to change your process and it's not important to advance to the next level of artistic products by laser engraving with varied intensity, then you may want to stay with what you're doing now.
  • i want to try this with the sample file you send me. lets see how it is. yeap im alive lol im working on the cover actually im using dominics set us 4 wood on sides and clear plexy on top with a hole in the back.
  • The sample files are set at lower left X&Y zero starting positions for reference.
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    below is what im trying to make i tried everything still no luck
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    Do you know the X&Y position where the center of the image needs to be from your work X&Y Zero position? Set "Center" in the "Initial Image Zero"
    then set the X&Y Start Positions to where you want the Center of the image to engrave from the work X&Y Zero position.
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