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Hi all,

What are your thoughts about this announced product?

Cheers Julien


  • Lots of comments on various forums re smoke and mirrors advertising. Also cloud based software may be an issue!
  • i bought one hopefully i get it in 3 months lol but i love my emblaser for the price whoever says what ill take 10 emblasers over anything, The only reason i got the glowfoge is there is no need for guessing where the engraving is going to take place. you put whatever in and there you go no need to figure out measure where how much how many mm this that. just throw the item in and drag the design you are done. i wish someone came up with something for emblaser a feature like that def gets me going
  • also my order can be canceled anytime before it ships. i know i will not be getting the first batch so by that that mine ships there will be alot of people using and reviewing or known issues so i can cancels if i get a little suspicious
  • Looks like a great machine with some neat features.

    Overall this is not a system the Emblaser was designed to compete with. This is a CO2 based laser and at non-preorder pricing will set you back $4000-$8000usd.

    Hopefully they manage to create a successful product.
  • Just cancelled my order for a glowforge when found out not going to arrive until late 2016. Also cloud based put me off as well. Loving my emblaser at the mo :)
  • edited December 2015
    "not going to arrive until late 2016"

    If then. :* Good chance someone will copy design and lower the price by that time.
  • i just canceled mine too too many unknowns too many ifs and buts
  • Hi Puzant, interesting cutter from Trotec. Do you mind sharing the price?That is not directly available on their website.
  • Its crazy expensive for its size, I searched rayjet $ and got a price per use option.......$9,000
  • that's 10+ emblazers >:)
  • And it can't even engrave photos with shades like the EmBlaser can either. :p
  • I paid 9450 for the whole package trotec 50 30 w table cutting plate and rotary attahment. There is no more pay per use. U buy and u use. That business model was long time ago in the us
  • That's a pile of dough. What are you planning to make and use the machine for?
  • i just got my machine today OMG this thing is fast and powerful. jullien i have a gift shop so i make constantly products cutting boards glasses anything personolized. its fast and reliable. i still like my emblaser because how easy is it to use. i showed the machine and the egravings i did guys face was like wtf this machine did this i was like yeap. i love the new trotec 30 w for commerical use i can make glasses under 30 secs and if im making 12 to 24 wine glasses 12$ a pop i think it an ok investamn. just today i sold 4 cutting boards ranges from 29.99 to 44.99 and 8 glasses i know its a christmas rush but still i think its a good start
  • Great to hear Puzant.

    It would be cool to hear about some of the features you like in the Trotec system (apart from the 30 watts of power!).

    We are always looking for ways to improve the Emblaser and using a great system like Trotec offers is a great benchmark.
  • It's fast it has 5 inch deep bed rotary attachment for glass and a 9000 price tag lol it took me 30 min to do cutting boards not it takes me less than 4 mins. I tell my customers now that they can wait while it's been engraved. It doesn't get stuck in the middle of a job. It does raster on vectors. I still like emblaser because of the cost, easy to use. Also the darkness emblaser left on wood. With my trotec I get great engraving but nor dark like the 3 watt . I think I have to play and find the right settings for that dark char

    I'm thinking about modifying my emblaser so I can do baseball bats. Because it has open bottom
  • Update on my trotec I'm so happy I didn't even wait for the gloveforge omg Xmas was so good cutting boards alone I sold over 50 at avarage 39$ I wish I bought before it's so fast it takes me less than 7 minutes to get a deep engraving on a wood cutting board. It's great but I still miss the emblasers dark char . I know it cost 9500 but when u get a machine like this and people know what u can do business comes . I also engrave on wine glasses under 30 secs which is great 1 dollar wine glass selling for 19.99 two for 34.99. Now I'm planing to make some modification on emblaser maybe cutting the mod parts with the new laser . I want to make a rotary attachment for the emblaser what do u guys thing
  • Hi Puzant,

    That sounds great Puzant. It opens a lot of doors. I planned a demo with Trotec to see the rayjet in action this january. Thanks for your update!
  • I had several meetings with Trotec Australia last year. In the end the best they could offer was a $17500 deal on an ex demo Rayjet, I note now that the Rayjet deal is not available in Oz on their website.
    Given that it is a CO2 laser, for the work area it is as easy to get a Chines model for 1/3 the price, via a couple of Australian industrial equipment dealers, with the the consumer protections we have.

    However, get a copy of the Trotec consumables catalogue. Lots of cool materials to cut/engrave in it.

    Meanwhile, I'm looking to upgrade to the 4W head on my Emblaser to see if it satisfies my aeromodeller prototyping needs...
  • try whole catalog to engrave stuff. i think i got lucky with my deal. i literally bought it 1 week before xmas maybe they were trying to get rid of the year end inventory, whatever it was im happy i did. i learned so much from emblaser it was easier to upgrade. now i m engraving stainless steel ceramic and glass etc. i f course use cermark coating for bear metal and ceramic stuff but anything else i just engrave. im so lost i am selling my emblaser but maybe im also thinking to keep it just in case troctec craps out lol maybe ill keep it at home what do you guys think? sell or keep?
  • It would be cool if Darkly Labs / Vectric could incorporate some of the Glowforge features into the Emblaser like the 3D Autofocus, Precision Preview, Scan & Cut (Trace Mode), Ability to save settings materialwise..
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