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Vectric Cut2D-Laser Update coming very soon...

Hold onto your hats, a new update for Cut2D-Laser is about to be released.

This is a significant update and will introduce a number of new and unique features.

Along with extra editing tools, Vectric will be releasing a beta version of vTransfer, a much awaited tool to allow working with the Emblaser directly from within C2D-L. That's right...directly.

Best of all, this update is absolutely free to all existing Cut2D-Laser customers.

Stay tuned...


  • Will there be a mac version?
  • At the moment, just Windows.
  • Jared, I am a mac person, but the reality of working on these machines is that the fully supported versions are Windows (I know right?). What I did, I found a cheap "all in one" windows machine for $200 - they were discounted because of the non touch screen which is not an issue with Windows 10 and have dedicated this machine to the Emblaser...I can still do the graphics on my mac, save it to a shared file, and pick it up on the windows machine over my wireless just makes life simpler.
  • I think I'll have to do that. I've been using macs for close to 30 years so I'm not familiar at all with the various PC operating systems. Hope I choose one that works well.
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