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Anodized Aluminum Nameplate Success!!

edited October 2015 in Project Showcase
I've still got some fine tuning to do, but I'm very pleased with the way the Emblazer is handling anodized aluminum. This is going to save us a huge headache dealing with the unreliable, and slow local trophy shop that we've had making our transformer nameplates. :) Thanks Darkly!

The two issues I'm addressing now are...
1: Getting my single-line text, and images thicker so it shows up brighter
2: Solving the slight off-setness here and there (see second attached image) Is this belt slippage?

Any tips while I play around would be appreciated. Thanks again!


  • Marc,

    They are looking fantastic. Well done.

    1: One option is to use something like Adobe Illustrator and choose a font that looks similar to the single like you are using but will 'fill' the area of text.
    You could also use a similar approach to the images, by custom designing them as slightly thicker 'areas' instead of single lines that are then 'filled'

    Another option is to consider the new 4 watt laser we have released. This will help remove as much if the anodising as possible and also speed up the process.

    2: This slight offset could be from a number of causes but it is most likely mechanical. Ensuring your gantry carriage is perfectly aligned and possibly increasing your belt tension by one belt notch may resolve it for you.

    If this doesn't we can look into other possible causes.

    Well done.
  • Cool. I might want to order a 4 watt unit then.

    Do you have a picture demonstrating the larger spot size on the 4 watt unit? I'd like to remove the most anodizing without switching from single-line to TT...
  • Could I get some info on specs you used to do the engraving? I want to do some engravings on anodized metals also.
  • Attached is a picture of my latest Toolpath settings using Cut2d Laser. It's a good place to start - try it out, and if it doesn't work so well for you, try going with a slower cut.
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